Press Release: Riot‘s Handheld Computer: C4 Red - World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality 

Our reliable Android 7.0 handheld reader, C4 Red, is now available with a LEGIC function. The C4 Red reader is
the first Android 7.0 reader with LEGIC functionality. We are proud to be the first supplier worldwide.

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Case Study: Visitor Registration made easy with RFID Technology from Riot 

Our customer ID.Conference uses our RFID antennas in its transit terminals for visitor registration during conferences and meetings. ID.Conference uses the Riot UHF Embedded Module M950 and the UHF Patch Antenna A901 for this project.


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Press Release: Riot's BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF - New Product Release: The compact version of our BLUEBOXES 

Our proven BLUEBOX series has been expanded: Discover our new BLUEBOX MICRO IA UHF reader with integrated antenna and various interface options. Compact & robust for demanding applications.

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C4 Tablet L now available in new black housing! 

Our C4 Tablet L ist now available with a black housing.

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Embedded Module: LF Stick R830 is no longer available 

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