Application products

Key Features:

n          USB keyboard emulation port, plug and play

n          Waterproof and dustproof , IP54 industrial standard

n          Read only UID of ISO14443A MIFARE series cards

n          Customizeable for other protocol standard

n          Stable structure, conscise exterior

n          available for 24 hours long-time use


n         Optional for manual trigger/ continuous scanning/self-induction


Typical Application

n          Products anti-counterfeit

n          Retails & supermarket

n          Telecom & Postal

n          Warehouse& logistic

n          Bank/Healthcare system

Technical Parameters:

Scanning range

0 ~ 19 inch

Barcode type

1D code

Communication port

USB keyboard emulation

RFID functions




ISO14443A, customizable for ISO 15693 standard

Card supports

MIFARE Classic 1K/4K and its compatible cards

Reading range

50mmdepends on labels

Working temp

-10 ~ +70

Storage temp

-20 ~ +80

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